[Ebook] The Practical Guide to NPS for Recruiters

The Practical Guide to NPS for Recruiters: How to use candidate experience to fuel your growth

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[Webinar] Greg Savage special

Learn how to create better relationships with TA teams and become their preferred recruiter.


[Ebook] How to become the preferred recruiter for HR/TA teams​

How to become the preferred recruiter for HR/TA teams Insights from top talent leaders on what they look for in recruiters Download Now for Free What you’ll learn: Stats and insights from a survey of over 100 Talent/HR Leaders on what matters when working with recruiters How to effectively reach out to and engage with

eBooks and Guides

[Ebook] The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Experience: Why investing in CX delivers huge ROI

eBooks and Guides

[Webinar] How to master video on LinkedIn

Understand the basics behind creating engaging video. How to prepare/script video’s, content idea’s, how to optimise and how to measure their success.


[Webinar] How to Write Words and Influence People

Recruitment agency leaders, consultants, and marketeers can learn how to write like a pro and cut through the noise to stand out online.


[Ebook] Ultimate guide to recruitment marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing Learn the most powerful marketing activities recruiters and agencies can take to fuel growth.

eBooks and Guides

[Webinar] Why Recruiters Need Marketing Now More Than Ever

Join marketing expert from across the industry to discuss why marketing is more important now than ever.


[Webinar] 5 Ways to win more business in a quiet market

In this webinar, Sourcr co-founders Chris Almond and James Jennings, will take you through practical tips every recruiter can implement today to win more business.


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