[Webinar] Greg Savage special

Learn how to create better relationships with TA teams and become their preferred recruiter.


How to become the preferred recruiter for HR/TA teams​

How to become the preferred recruiter for HR/TA teams Insights from top talent leaders on what they look for in recruiters Download Now for Free What you’ll learn: Stats and insights from a survey of over 100 Talent/HR Leaders on what matters when working with recruiters How to effectively reach out to and engage with

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[Webinar] How to master video on LinkedIn

Understand the basics behind creating engaging video. How to prepare/script video’s, content idea’s, how to optimise and how to measure their success.


[Webinar] How to Write Words and Influence People

Recruitment agency leaders, consultants, and marketeers can learn how to write like a pro and cut through the noise to stand out online.


Ultimate guide to recruitment marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing Learn the most powerful marketing activities recruiters and agencies can take to fuel growth.

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[Webinar] Why Recruiters Need Marketing Now More Than Ever

Join marketing expert from across the industry to discuss why marketing is more important now than ever.


[Webinar] 5 Ways to win more business in a quiet market

In this webinar, Sourcr co-founders Chris Almond and James Jennings, will take you through practical tips every recruiter can implement today to win more business.


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