We regularly get asked why it’s worth using Sourcr when Google has a reviews function.

It’s a fair question too, given the rather impressive size of Google.

Only, while getting reviews on Google is relatively straight forward, they’re not always the beacon of positivity you might desire for your business.

The reason for that is anyone with a spare few minutes can leave one.

Whether it’s people who’ve been turned down by the client, someone you emailed once, or those your colleague kindly handled whilst you were away.

Or frankly, anyone else. Whether it was you they spoke to or not.

In no time at all, your Google reviews can look like the angry comments section of a questionable YouTube video.

This isn’t Google’s fault either – they simply don’t require verification. It’s just a chink in the armour that makes their reviews a potential issue for developing business.

Sourcr can protect you from this. Three words: automated, verified reviews.

With Sourcr, only those who’ve been placed successfully and experienced your full suite of service are given the opportunity to review your services. And this means two things:

1. As they’re either chuffed candidates or content clients, there’s little room for negativity

Sourcr reviews are based totally on the work you’ve done, and show a trail of success. Not just the times you’ve spoken to someone who’s not right for a job, and deems that your fault.

2. Sourcr reviews are linked to placements. Seeing fully verified reviews on your profile will build prospective clients’ and candidates’ trust in the positive reviews they’re seeing.

Automation, not admin

One of the most important things we realised when building Sourcr was that saving time was one of the most critical things we could offer.

It makes no sense to help recruiters, if you add to their admin. Or give them even more stuff to do, in an already jam packed day plan.

And that’s the reason automation was so high up the list of product features.

Reviews on Sourcr are automated. And your prospects get reminders (also automated). So the only thing you need to do is sign up, and then watch them come in.

The closest thing to automating on Google reviews is by creating a direct link for your customers to use, and then sending it out manually. That’s going to increase your admin, providing you’ve set an alarm on your phone to remind you to send them out in the first place.

With Sourcr, there’s also a 48 hour review period following your placement. So if you’re worried about the experience or have already identified room for improvement, you can stop the request from being sent.

Further protection from negative reviews and digital armour from online recruiter bashing. It’s what they call in the business a win/win.


We give you the best of both worlds

So getting reviews from Sourcr’s actually easier than using Google. Not to mention we can utilise a whole host of other sites Google can’t access… like SEEK.

And here’s the icing on the cake; we can give you the best of both worlds. Because by using Sourcr, your best reviews will be visible on Google as well.

Let me explain. You see, a Sourcr review is only syndicated to Google business if it’s over 4 stars. So, you’re actually improving your Google rating by using Sourcr anyway.


So why use Sourcr over Google?

It just makes sense.

You’re protecting your reputation, but giving successful candidates the ability to say thanks with a positive review.

Not opening yourself up to anyone on the internet.

It’s also still free. There’s absolutely no monetary cost difference. Only, Google will charge you in admin time.

So, for one, you’re paying with time, for reviews that don’t match your ability.

And on Sourcr, you’re getting free, positive reviews, based on real work. Which can benefit you in a huge amount of ways.

Sure, we might be slightly biased, but this is what they call in the industry “a no-brainer”.


If a free, automated reputation overhaul sounds like something you could benefit from, click below and let’s get you signed up, in minutes.