Competition’s the theme for recruitment in 2022.

If you thought 2021 was tough in the candidate marketplace, chances are you’ve found the first two months of this year even harder.

If finding the right candidate’s like finding a needle in a haystack, this year the haystack’s four times the size and the needle’s ten times as small.

Sifting through with your bear hands, without the use of technology is probably a sign that actually, you’re the tool.

OK, you might luck out on the odd occasion, but to consistently win you need technology, strategy and planning. A metaphorical giant magnet would help. So the thing you’re looking for magically comes to you.

And luckily, that’s possible.


The current state of play for your recruitment activity probably rides on a number of different websites.

Perhaps your database too, depending on the state and age of it. Many agencies have awesome CRMs that are rich in active and passive brilliance.

Some CRMs belong in a museum. Including the info within.

Job boards undoubtedly play a big part for you too. Your job ads on Seek are probably good for a few deals a quarter? Maybe more if your Sourcr profile’s attached.

And then there’s LinkedIn, direct referrals and good old networking.

But where does ‘the best candidate’ live? Fairly obviously it depends. But you can forget them being in one place.

It always depends on the job. The company. The location. The skill set. And it’s highly likely to change every time.

So your very best bet of winning recruitment this year is to have fantastic coverage in every single place a candidate could be found.

Posting jobs on LinkedIn? You need to post more than jobs if you want anything other than active candidates. You need a reason for people to follow you. A reason to connect.

Essentially, you need to show your personality and give people value.

You need to make sure you’re using the best tools money can buy, to beat your competition to the best talent. That might mean using Tech to eradicate admin, or using your time more wisely.

But work out the best way to get a competitive advantage using technology and don’t stop iterating your suite.


Alongside making the most of tech, your strategy needs to be better than your competition.

In days gone by, you’d get a job on with a client, smash out a quick copy and paste job ad and get on the phone.

Does this strategy make sense today?

Well that depends on the job ad. But if you’d have no training on copywriting, and your competitors have, you aren’t going to win that fight.

There’s so much power in words. And you use them constantly. So how do you think the most strategic planner would attack the fight in the war of words? Probably train a little, no?

Spend a few hours sharpening the axe, perhaps?

The same can be said for the daily strategy of winning business. Or finding the best candidates.

Do you hit the phone straight away? Possibly. If you have an incredibly strong short list of winning candidates at your finger tips. But chances are you won’t. And so that strategy won’t work.

So the bigger question should be: How do you get those winners and make your time to phone call shorter?

Because recruitment often comes down to a race.

Want to eradicate that race altogether? Retainers are your best bet. But again, rushing in without training on how to win and deliver retainers isn’t the smartest move.

It’s incredibly rare someone will take advice from a well-skilled, experienced leader in their field and not pick up one small thing that helps them in their career.

And that’s an achievable task for you too. So go get help and guidance on anything you don’t think you’re an expert in.


Trust takes a long time to build and just a moment to shatter.

So, how likely is it a stranger would trust you right now? With either their business or their career?

Because that’s what you’re asking someone to do every time you pick up the phone. But showing the trust you have from others is a very good way to allay any fears they might have.

The best recruiters always say they plan their days the night before. They’re never reactive when it comes to their days. They’re always working to a plan.

The strategy? That’s the long-term stuff. The weeks, the months and years. But your days will always be about the plan. Who are you calling? Where are you looking? What are you posting about on LinkedIn?

And if you’re still on the edge about building your personal brand on LinkedIn, look at it this way… the VAST majority of recruiters don’t.

Which means you can stand out if you do. And you don’t have to post about work the whole time. In fact I’d suggest you don’t. Post about yourself. About your life. About your market.

Think of LinkedIn like a big networking event. Referrals and direct business will come your way in the digital world. But only if people know who you are and what you do.

If you’re genuinely good at what you do, there’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about. Just start staking your claim. Comment on other’s posts. Aim for 5 a day.

You’ll hit higher engagement metrics on your own posts. Then you’ll see an increase in followers. And if you’re targeted, those people will be potential candidates and clients.

Plan to post regularly. And people will trust you with their business, without even knowing you.