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The Ultimate Review Collection Strategy For Recruiters

February 5th, 2020 by Diva

Have you made the wise decision to start collecting reviews for your own personal brand or your business? Great! Now it’s time to make sure you optimise this strategy by creating a customer review collection strategy that works! Here is the ultimate review collection strategy for recruiters.

There are 3 main components to this review collection strategy:


Review Collection

This simply refers to the act of collecting customer feedback in the form of reviews.

Setting yourself a platform to collect reviews is just the start but also one of the most important steps to start gaining reviews. Just like the foundation of a house – it will hold stable and strong for years to come. In order to optimise your results – just the where isn’t enough to consider but also the how.

Where to Collect

This step needs a little bit of brainstorm for most businesses. When starting to collect reviews from your customers – it’s important to consider where your customers are really found. This is an important key in connecting with your customers and ensuring your investment is successful.

All businesses are different with different target audiences. There are varied needs, habits and interests for each type of business. It’s imperative that you consider the nature of the review platform and make sure it aligns with the nature of your business and that of your customers.

Some examples of review platforms that are out there are:

  • Tripadvisor: Mostly used by restaurants, activity centres or similar.
  • Yelp: Ideal for hospitality, tradesmen and similar businesses.
  • Glassdoor: Platform for companies and employers.
  • LinkedIn: Perfect for all professionals and individuals.

Then finally, there is Google and Facebook. It’s the most obvious option out there. Anyone can review your business on Google and Facebook right now. There are both pros and cons to this. Pro being the obvious part where you don’t have to do anything – anyone can leave you a review. But that’s also where the con comes in – anyone usually also means – trolls and fake reviews. There is a high chance your business is impacted by nasty trolls and fake reviews. Also, every other business exists in it, making it very difficult to stand above your competitors.

So what is the best platform for Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies?

Sourcr is specifically designed for Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies. It’s hard to collect reviews from your candidates and clients when they are so industry-specific. It’s even harder when your target market is broad and vague while your previous candidates and clients all sit in a niche. Not to mention very time-consuming as well.

Recruiters are busy people with a lot on their plate at once. So, setting up your profile takes less than 30 seconds. Your recruiter profiles are already set up – you just have to claim it by connecting it with your LinkedIn. So Claim your profile and start collecting reviews.

How to collect reviews

Now that you have decided where the next step is how. Depending on where you decide to host your reviews  – this step will vary.

  • One way is via Social Media.

If your platform is social in nature. Then it makes sense to just ask on social media. If you have lots of Facebook fans, why not schedule a post in asking them to leave you a review? There are various benefits to this but is also very unreliable. There are too many factors from algorithms to fans profiles to get a reliable answer. Therefore, if you want your Customer Review Collection to not just work but also yield good results to impact your business positively, we recommend collecting reviews using invitations.

  • Another way is via Invitation

The best way to collect reviews and to actually receive them is through personalised and targeted invitations. But imagine sending an email to every one of your past clients and candidates? And then to keep doing that every single time you get a new one? It’s a very time laborious job. Moreover that it won’t be as authentic either.

Therefore, using Sourcr as your review platform – the how will also be sorted. Review collection is made easy with automated emails and reminders that you don’t need to manually do one at a time. Not only that, but it’s also convenient for your customers with our in-email review form. Customers can review in the body of the email itself, without being directed to another site or webpage. So, automate your review invitations in a more authentic and trustworthy way.

What types of Reviews to collect

Whilst reviews may often look the same online, there are various types of reviews you can collect. Some only need company reviews, service/product review which also incorporates photos.

The two types of reviews that Recruiters should collect are:

1) Company Reviews:  This shows an overview of your business’ performance. Not only does it have information about communication, but also overall service quality.

2) Individual Recruiter Reviews: The individual recruiter reviews are more specific. They will contain information about the quality of service, communication in terms of the individual recruiters.


Review Management

Review Analysis

Collecting reviews doesn’t just end after collecting the various types of reviews. Unfortunately, that’s just where it starts. Good news is that you have passed the biggest hurdle.

Now it’s time to learning how to manage reviews correctly which can bring you some amazing benefits.

You have probably realised that reviews have way more benefits than just improving your online reputation. They can also tell you so much about your benefits.

That’s right, make reviews part of your business development strategy.

You can do this by leveraging on negative reviews. They highlight your business’ pain points which would otherwise go unidentified. You can first pinpoint the most popular words used to determine what category it falls in such as “communication”. Then pinpoint if it needs improvement or not.

Then make a plan to improve on your weaknesses and boost your strengths.

Responding to Reviews 

What a lot of professionals and businesses miss about reviews is that they are dynamic in nature. Not only can they be used in various ways and provide many benefits, but are also an opportunity to start a conversation, and we highly recommend you take that opportunity and make the most of it.

In its most basic form, replying to reviews shows that their feedback has been acknowledged. Even if it’s a simple response like “Thanks for you review Tim“. However, you can really take it further and leave a lasting impression on your clients and candidates, any negative situation can be turned into a positive. Learn how to respond to negative reviews here.

Sourcr’s feature of replying to reviews can give you the control and ease you need to have to better manage your online reputation.


Review Publishing

The last and final step of your successful review collection strategy includes publishing the reviews you collected.

We recommend various ways of doing this.

Using reviews in your online marketing 

Showcasing reviews not only boosts your online reputation and build trust but it also encourages more reviews to be left – a chain reaction. It helps to build confidence and trust in your clients and candidates.

With the use of Sourcr’s various features from widgets to social sharing, you can easily make reviews part of your online marketing. Read more here.

  • Share it on your social pages

It is estimated that on average the population spends 2 hours and 22 minutes on average in a day on social media. Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platforms you have built your presence on. It’s time to take it a step further and make sure you build authority and reputation there as well.

  • Use it in your email signature

Adding your review badge onto your email signature is probably the easiest way to showcase your reputation to customers and clients. Every email you send will be wrapped in more authority and trust.

  • On your website

The most obvious place to showcase reviews is on your website. If you’are collecting reviews, they should undoubtedly feature on your website.

With the Sourcr Widget, you can easily start posting them on your website. Like the one shown below.

Use your reviews in offline media 

Do the reviews being online limit you from using them elsewhere? It really shouldn’t. Just because you are collecting reviews online, doesn’t mean you cannot use them in your offline marketing strategy.

  • On business cards or brochures

Adding your reviews to your business cards and brochures doesn’t just set you apart with your “star ratings” but also build instant authority.

  • In your outreach collateral

Including reviews is a must in your outreach collateral. Not only does it give your clients and candidates more information but your service is as good as it sounds.

  • Around your workspace

Having your reviews appear in your workspace not just in the online world is a clear sign of trust. It makes sure that your clients and candidates that are visiting you can completely have faith in your service.

In Summary

Recruitment agencies haven’t fully utilised the power of reviews. You can target customers with all the resources available to you, and that includes reviews.

So you need to collect reviews but then learn to manage them effectively and then publish them to make the most of it.

What’s more, it’s now easier than ever for recruiters to get reviews. Your online recruiter profile is already set up and just needs you to finalise the details. And it’s all free. Find your profile, and claim it now. 



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