8 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

March 11th, 2020 by Diva

The talent acquisition landscape is changing. EVP, branding and reputation are now all a consideration when approaching top talent and it’s more important than ever to consider a marketing strategy as part of your talent acquisition.

So here are the 8 Ways to get improve your recruitment marketing.

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the implementation of numerous marketing strategies that allow your future prospects to find and engage candidates and clients. Not only do you need to think of your current clients and candidates but specifically focus on your future ones as well.

We broke it down into 3 major parts of what you need to include in your marketing strategy:

  • Awareness: This is the brand awareness stage. Garnering name recognition for your brand. Just like your favourite brands you need to make your name a top brand.
  • Interest: Now that you have captured their interest and made them aware – next step it to retain their interest. Keep targeting them and get them to learn more about you.
  • Active Search: Your prospect is ready to take action. Now time to facilitate it.

Here Are The 8 Ways To Get Recruitment Marketing Right

There are 8 main components which you need to nail in your recruitment marketing strategy.

1) Focus on your recruiter branding 

This is the building blocks of your strategy. Make sure your recruiter branding is clearly established and reflect your company and reputation. Doesn’t matter if you are 2 heads or 20 heads – every recruiter within your agency should have consistent branding and it should fit with your company’s’ brand.

Make sure your branding truly reflects your culture, purpose, value and mission. To make sure all your recruiters have an online presence and their personal branding is on par with your company branding – claim their free recruiter profiles on Sourcr.

2) Create target audience personas 

Once, you have established the who – time for the what. Take some time to understand who your target audiences are. Are they job seeker actively searching for jobs or more passively? Or are they employers looking to enlist a recruiter?

Learn about each of these target groups – what their motivations are and what they are looking for. Then build unique profiles for them.

3) Content marketing 

Now that you have your target audience profiles, everything is built on them, You want to take your knowledge and infuse it within your content. This could vary from print collaterals, job descriptions, social content, website pages, employee interviews, creative ads. No matter what medium or format it’s in – the message you are putting out is consistent and the same.

This could be a learning centre of tips and interview hacks for your active job seekers profiles and passive ones as well. Or a testimonial section from your past employers for your future ones.

4) Digital advertising 

Why is this mostly use by retailers online? Because it works. Recruitment Agencies should implement programmatic ad buying and retargeting strategies to stay in front of their prospects.

This is a great way to drive traffic and new leads to your new and captivating content that you have created. Catch your prospects attention and sustain it.

5) Social Recruiting

If you aren’t already aren’t on social media, you need to hop on the bandwagon. Just like when sourcing a candidate you search their name on google – you should know that works both ways. Be where your target audience is – social media.

However, make sure you share more than just job listings – once again you newly created content can be shared across all the channels. Articles on tips and tricks, infographics about what to wear to an interview, answering those burning questions your candidates might have. Get creative and share what your personas want to see more of.

6) Candidate lead capture

Other names for it is talent community, lead capture, talent pipeline etc. A lead capture form changes the game and makes sure that you have a chance to re-engage with your targeted personas. This could include sending job alerts, articles, blog posts etc.

Make sure you know who’s coming to your website and you get their info. This could also be as simple as signing them up to a weekly newsletter or blog posts.

7) Candidate communications and nurturing 

A job seeker joined your talent community? Either this is generated through your lead capture form or your content strategy.  Make sure, you engage with them and chat with them. Have recruiters evaluate their experience and see if its a fit.

These are warm leads that have expressed interest in your company. Make sure you nurture them well and make their experience personalised.

8) Data collection

While conducting every single step here and in your recruitment marketing strategy as a whole. Make sure you are measuring all the metrics. Collecting it and analysing it.

It’s very important to see what is working for you and what is not. Then to go back and evolve your strategy accordingly to your evaluations of data. This could be everything from what ad is performing well to what is content piece is most visited to what social media posts are getting the most engagement.  Track everything. Then change what’s not working while doing more of what is working.

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