How to Write a Good Job Advert

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Job Title

If this is a newly created position, you may need to create a new job title for the role. This should accurately reflect the nature of the position, be in align with other roles in the company of a similar level and not overly exaggerate the seniority of the position.

However, it is important that the job title is appealing to candidates and this generally means being recognised in the industry. You may want to look at the job titles of employees within your competitors for inspiration. For example, it’s generally accepted that the Head of HR within a business would hold a Head of HR, HR Director or People Director title. If you were to post a job description with a Staffing Manager title this may not attract the right calibre of candidates.

Company Overview

Talk about your culture! You want candidates that are going to love working for you and that you’re going to love working with, so be honest. Provide a brief overview of what the company does and then talk about your values, why you exist and what your mission is.

Role Responsibilities

Outline the purpose of the goal and what you want it to achieve. You may want to include some specific duties as well, but key to this section is what the overriding goal for the candidate will be when they join the business. For example, ‘Growing the North West Territory, by developing a high performing team to deliver inspiring service’ is far more engaging than ‘Manage Area Managers, Make Client Calls, Hit Sales Targets’

Desired Candidate

Spend some time considering what you need in a candidate. Avoid being too specific as you will narrow the pool. For example, if you don’t NEED a candidate with an MBA don’t specify that applicants must have one. You should focus on the core competencies and values that you’re looking for plus any technical skill sets that are necessary for the role.

What’s on Offer

This should include specific benefits outside of their base salary such as Car/Car Allowance, Phone, Laptop, Clothing Allowance, Private Health Care. It’s also worth including things like free parking and catered lunches as this will be appealing to some candidates.


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