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How Do Recruiters Benefit From Online Reviews?

February 11th, 2020 by Diva

Have you considered collecting online reviews?  There are many ways through which recruiters benefit from online reviews. So, you have definitely made the right decision. And no, we don’t mean online reviews just for your agency and your website. We mean reviews for every individual recruiter that works in your agency.

Here are the various ways online reviews benefit recruiters:

Online Reviews Boost Recruiter’s Online Reputation

Take your online shopping as an example. Let’s think back to the last time you went online shopping and considered buying something – an electrical item, say. Something like a pair of headphones or maybe a new TV.

Whatever it was, chances are you got your phone out and did a quick search to find online reviews. It’s because online reputation matters even when customers are offline. So why is it any different when it comes to yours?

Just like your first instinct when searching for a new product or a service is to google it and search for reviews – why won’t your clients and candidates do the same when it comes to you? That is why keeping it authentic and sparkling clean across the internet is very important. You never know, but it could be the deciding factor between you and another recruiter.


Online Reviews Help Inform Recruiter’s Clients And Candidates

There’s more to reviews than just being ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Let’s say a candidate always makes it through the initial rounds only to always fail during interviews. She knows her weaknesses are face-to-face interviews as she always gets too nervous and bungles up her answers. While she is searching for a recruiter who can help her overcome this, she stumbles across your profile where she sees a couple of reviews left by previous candidates who say something along the lines of “you have helped them through the interview process really well through extensive prepping“.

She now knows exactly who she needs to choose now. Then she leaves you a similar review.

That way, the process continues – your previous candidates and clients are helping your future ones. Fewer unhappy customers and prolonged satisfaction.


Online Reviews Improve Recruiter’s Leads (by improving your Click-through rates)

These days, simply ranking high in Google isn’t enough. (For those that don’t understand it, it’s basically coming up as a search result higher than your direct competitors. You can test this by searching for Recruiters or Recruitment Agency in your local area. Wherever your name pops up is your rank. If you are number one, that’s very good! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be clicked on and chosen.)

In order to get potential candidates and clients to click through and choose you – you need to stand out.

Google Review Stars (the 4-5 Gold Stars that appear under your name) in organic and paid search results on Google will help you do that. Showing stars below your name has been proven to increase leads to actual paying clients and candidates by an average of 17%.

If you still aren’t convinced, we can break it down more.

You get more leads by increasing your click-through rate which means more visitors are coming to your website. More visitors mean, more potential prospects. Reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales.

You have more chances of convincing your future clients and candidates through the power of reviews.


Online Reviews Benefits SEO

Usually, this topic is for a marketer. However, reviews have this hidden benefit that not many people realise.

We talked about rankings above, which meant the order your website appears in search results.  SEO basically means controlling that ranking. Well, the Google algorithm controls it but you do everything in your power to help.

So where do reviews come into this?

Google likes to see fresh, relevant content from websites, and one really effective way of providing this is with user-generated content (content that other people leave for you – that’s right, its reviews!)

Reviews keep your website up-to-date. Comments in reviews are full of relevant keywords which are often picked up by Google bots.

Not to over-complicate it, Reviews basically have a positive effect on your page rankings.


In Summary

When it comes to online reviews, reputation is just the beginning. There are so many other benefits you can reap from collecting and managing your reviews. In order to do that in the most optimal and effective way is to do it through Sourcr.

An all-in-one reputation management platform that has a free digital profile on you. You can start collecting reviews in the next 5 minutes and have Google Stars appear under your name.

Want to know how Sourcr.com can help you? Head over to our website and claim your profile or jump on live chat with one of our advisors.



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