As you almost certainly found this article on LinkedIn, you’ll have no doubt seen it sandwiched between four hundred “New year, New you?” posts.

Hey, maybe one of them was a poll to spice up the really useful engagement metrics?

It’s a new year, is it a new you?

a) Yes

b) No


d) Other, please comment

As you’re most likely a recruiter it’s possible you’ve contemplated producing a post with the words “new year, new job?”

And if so, please don’t. There’s about a thousand different ways of standing out on LinkedIn. Posting something like that will mean you stand out sure. But for all the wrong reasons.

However whilst we’re on the subject of standing out, welcome to 2022. The year you take a stand. The year you absolutely smash your recruitment career.

Even more than you did last year.

I imagine there’s a degree of panic on reading that statement however, as like most recruiters, I’m going to guess the festive season was jam-packed with frivolities and absolutely zero planning for the new year.

Well worry not. Because here’s your chance to get a checklist of all the things you’ll need for the upcoming 12 months.

Look at that sales board. ZERO. Wanna change that? Course you do. As soon as possible. If you’re smart, you’ll have something sandbagged from December.

But strap in, and let’s get your Jan off to a cracker…

Becoming the best

Let’s face it, your next 12 months would go a darn sight easier if every single person you spoke to thought you were the best recruiter alive.

Or greeted you with statements like “Oh, I’ve heard you’re really good at your job?”

Now, whether it’s possible for you to reach the accolade of ‘best recruiter alive’ is a discussion for another day, but it’s very possible for people to think you’re really good at your job.

Even before they’ve spoken to you for the first time.

And honing and promoting your reputation is the first step on that long path.

How do I do that?

Glad you asked.

Whether the world continues its fight with COVID this year or it dies a death like we’re all hoping, the world’s digital presence is going nowhere. And so it’s absolutely imperative you learn how to stand out on LinkedIn.

And I’m not talking about polls again.

I’m talking about being the ‘go-to’ recruiter in your market.

If you think that can happen these days solely by being great on the phone, you… and you’re overly dated boss are sadly mistaken. It can’t.

The good news is, it’s a lot easier than you think to take your fantastic phone banter and turn it into becoming a digital legend.

Start off by taking the same conversation points you have on the phone, and making them digital. Write them down. On your notepad if necessary. And then make posts out of them. Easy.

Scribble all of the questions candidates and clients ask you in the week. And answer those questions for others online. You’ll be amazed at how far this goes.

Become the source of inspiration for people and they’ll come back to you. And the best bit is, they’ll be receptive to you even when they’re not looking for a job or new staff. Meaning the world of passive candidates and genuine consulting will open up before your very eyes.

Want another tip? No one will engage with you if you don’t engage with them.

So go and engage. Treat LinkedIn like a digital networking event. Talk to people.

Spend 30 mins to an hour every single day actually having conversations. Comment on other people’s posts. In an ideal world, those people will be target clients and candidates.

Become their ally. And they’ll become one of yours. But it won’t happen overnight. So don’t lose patience if you’re not LinkedIn famous within 3 months.


Most tech products offer free trials these days.

My advice? Take them.

Become the person in your business who tries new things. Unless of course you like doing admin?

Didn’t think so.

But why are you then? Make Tech your Admin Assistant. There’s an infinite suite of products out there quite literally designed to do all the things you don’t like doing.

To find out what’s worth using, ask around. What are your recruitment mates using? What about your competitors? Those on LinkedIn? Your mates back in your home town? People in a different industry?

Take the first two weeks of Jan to try things out. You’ll hit on a few gems worth sticking with, and more importantly, know which ones to avoid until they pull their socks up.

Target Clients

You’re going to think we’re delving into the world of manifestations here, but bear with me, because this is good advice…

Write down the clients you want to engage with this year. 10’s a good number. And don’t be shy of writing down names within businesses you already work with. The intro will be easier and the rewards just as worthwhile.

In times gone by working out how to engage these people would’ve meant some lateral thinking. Maybe sending things in the post, or trying to wow them on a phone call.

And hey, it might still take those efforts. But there’s an incredibly high chance the person you’re trying to wow spends a huge amount of time online.

I’d also imagine, unless they’re a really big deal, they manage their own social accounts. Which means you can reach them. From your screen to theirs with the click of a few buttons.

Spend a bit of time in January working out who these people are.

Follow them.

Connect with them.

Talk with them about thing they’re interested in.

Solve their problems. For free.

Money in the bank, sneakers on yer feet

Let me guess what the aim is for you this year…

More money in your bank account.

I know… I’m a mind reader. But more money in the bank won’t happen without more placements. And more placements won’t happen if you can’t win more business than you won last year.

Now there’s two ways to go about making more placements.

There’s the hard way… working harder. Putting in longer hours. Stressing everyone out around you. Pushing your resourcing team harder. Making more phone calls. Sending more emails.

Or there’s the easy way.

Letting all of the business you require come to you.

Yes, I’m about to plug Sourcr here, but give me a break, I’ve waited a while. We recently made our tech free for every recruiter and we’ve had a huge uptake.

Why’s that exciting? Because it’s been proven by using our free technology, you can make more placements.

More clients will find you. More candidates will trust you. And you’ll make more placement off the back of it.

What the eff’s Sourcr? Glad you asked.

Learn more about us here.