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The Best Way For Recruiters To Gain Credibility in 2020

Written by Chris Almond

In this digital age, it is essential for all businesses to build credibility with their candidates and clients. According to HRD Australia “The best approach to hiring is to treat candidates like customers”.

With the addition of AI and ever-changing trends in an already talent short, competitive market that Recruitment is –  a Recruiter plays a crucial part. So here is the best way for a Recruiter to gain Credibility in 2020.


Quick Overview


What Is Credibility for Recruiters?

The world is now a trust economy. This means credibility is everything. From your personal credibility, the credibility of your brand, your business to your service. Credibility for recruiters means “Do you believe you are Credible?” and if yes, then with “Who are you credible with?”. It should include Candidates, Clients, Referrers, Referrals, Peers, Prospects and all the people you meet. Credibility for Recruiters is the trust they build with all their business stakeholders.

Why Is Credibility Important for Recruiters?

Building trust is as important for Recruiters as it is for anyone in an online world. It means everything you do needs to demonstrate trust. This trust can provide you with various benefits, such as:

  • Win more business
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Be transparent about your capabilities
  • Social Proof yourself
  • Build trust amongst your candidates and clients

What Is The Best Way For Recruiters To Gain Credibility in 2020?

Reviews and Star Ratings! That’s right. The answer is that simple and straightforward. The best way a business instils credibility into their product is through word-of-mouth, and in the online world that translates to “reviews”. The biggest trust symbol for customers are positive star ratings and reviews. 82% said it would make them more likely to make a purchase – be it a product or a service.  So why shouldn’t a recruiter approach their customers the same?

If you still don’t believe us – check out these stats below about the power of reviews and how they have impacted businesses.

1) 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family.

2) 83% of customers don’t trust advertising.

3)  A single business review can lift its conversions by 10%.

4)  72% of customers won’t take action before they read some reviews.

5) 15% of users don’t trust businesses without reviews.

(Source: HostingTribunal. For more review statistics and how they influence consumers, read our blog post 10 Customer review statistics you might not know.)


How Are Reviews The Best Way For Recruiters To Gain Credibility in 2020?

Gone are the days where credibility could be gained through ads. Consumer culture is now that of being aware and unaffected by ads. Thus, user-generated, online word-of-mouth.

Gaining credibility through reviews for recruiters means:

  • Getting rid of Customer Uncertainty: Customers look towards your credibility for guidance when they are in unfamiliar situations (e.g. someone looking for a recruiter for the first time). 82% of consumers say the content of a review has convinced them to make a purchase. Therefore, reviews will help recruiters to stand above their competitors and help their future clients and candidates certain. Reviews help you win more business. 


  • Providing a sense of Customer Familiarity: Customers gather and use feedback from sources and people they personally relate to (e.g. referral from someone they know/word-of-mouth). Thus reviews help Recruiters breed familiarity within their candidates and in turn their clients. Reviews build your personal brand and reputation amongst your clients and candidates. 


  • Establishing yourself as an Expert: Customers value opinions and verification from people who are more knowledgeable or experienced than themselves. (e.g. looking towards thought leaders who are experts in their field and what they have to say about it) Reviews create transparency between you and your customers through others. 


  • Letting your numbers speak for you: Customers take into account the number of satisfied and happy customers and also the number of unsatisfied and unhappy customers that have come before them. (e.g. you are less likely to pick a restaurant that has a number of negative reviews than the ones with a mix of both positive and negative reviews). Reviews provide you with a history of your successful work and therefore, you can be trusted. Reviews are the catalysts of trust between you and your clients or candidate. 


Here are the 3 tips to start collecting reviews and start gaining credibility to kickstart your 2020:

  • Create a Review Collection Strategy: Before you begin to start collecting reviews, create a Review Collection Strategy. This should strategise how, the why, and the what. It’s important to remember your goal. Start with what you want to achieve from your review collection – More business? More Candidates? Establishing your personal brand? Then figure out the how – how will you collect all these reviews. Then, what can you do to achieve all of this? Where will you collect the reviews, how will you encourage your customers to leave you reviews? Figure it all out and make a plan.


  • Resources for Review Management:  Now that you have all your reviews, it’s important to also review management. Take some time and other resources out to make sure you respond to all negative reviews and analyse your reviews. Reviews are a minefield of business insights. It’s very important to analyse what everyone is saying about you and use it as feedback. So, make sure you don’t just collect the reviews but also respond and analyse them too.


  • Find Review Publishers: Finally, you want to publish your reviews. Make them readily visible and easily accessible to your customers. There are various ways to doing this, you can use social pages, in ads, on your website etc. Find the best way that review publishing works for you.

Or as a recruiter, the most time-efficient and best review collection strategy, review management and the review publishing method is to claim your free digital recruiter profile on Sourcr here. It is an all-in-one review management system. Enables you to collect authentic and verified reviews from your candidates and clients, analyse them, and publish them on your very own digital profile and your socials. 

In the digital age where ‘trust’ needs to be at the core of every recruiter and their clients and candidates. Turns out, the best way for recruiters to build credibility in 2020 is through the power of Reviews. They provide you with transparency and proof of your and your business’ capabilities.


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